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So, I’ve been experiencing some writer’s block lately. I have what I feel are some great ideas for three different books I want to write, but I keep getting stuck. Fortunately, there are loads of great writing blogs out there with lots of fabulous and reassuring posts on breaking through blocks – like Laini Taylor’s post today and Libba Bray’s recent post – but I had an idea beyond my usual freewriting-solves-everything trick. I remembered something that I read (I think it was on the wonderful Pipedreaming children’s lit review blog), that if you put all of your favourite things into your book, you can’t really go wrong. Well, I guess you could – I could just turn into an unfocused mishmash of all your beloved influences and things – but I was inspired by the idea to create a list of, well, my favourite things, of course. This isn’t a place for my favourite movies or my favourite bands or my favourite books. It might be aspects of those things, but really, it’s all about the details of life. I guess it’s like my personalized version of that book about 10,000 things that make you happy. But that’s coo.

So here we go:


morning coffee
wacky old ladies
kitchen dance parties
dance parties of any kind, really
deciduous forests
makeovers/before & afters
having a favourite part in a song (as in “Oooh, I love this part! Listen, wait for it..,” like the bass solo in Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’ or Cyndi Lauper’s long note at the end of ‘Money Changes Everything’)
home canned peaches
crackling fires
pomp and circumstance; ritual and ceremony
French braids

antique shops
sci-fi boys
Olympic women’s gymnastics
British things
Twix bars
the English language
Mennonite culture and history
secret hiding places
Strongbow cider
fresh new school supplies
Archie comics
school stories
Dutch light
the landscape of childhood
country drives
lip balm
Converse sneakers
scented felts
furry friends
grand, ramshackle old houses (with tower bedrooms)
farmers markets
dangly earrings

banana splits and pretty much any dessert featuring bananas
laughing uproariously
faeries and magic
antique roses
dinner parties
spunky heroines a la Pippy Longstocking, Harriet the Spy and Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday
used bookstores
sticker books
red velvet stage curtains
the library
ribbed tights
the coffee-and-cookies smell of church basements
putting up photos in your high school locker
national anthems

Before I published this, I left this draft post open on my desktop for a couple of days, just to let all the favourite things come to me. It’s a fun thing to do – I’d recommend it. I also found it to be a reminder, in this crazy, fast-moving world of ours, to enjoy the details of the everyday. Will it help lift my writer’s block? I’ll keep you posted.

And so I just have to ask – what are some of your favourite things?


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Sorry for my bloggy absence of late – I seem to be in a period of transition right now, trying to figure out my post-mat leave life. How I’m going to fit everything in. Class prep, motherhood, creative time, quality time with Joshua and Keaton. I know that this is what so many modern mothers go through. I feel like I’ve been a bit spinny and unfocused, and feeling busy without really getting much done. Craft projects for Keaton’s birthday party sit there unfinished, my teaching materials for my course (which starts in one week!) sit there without me having looked at them much, a lovely new pile of YA novels from the library sits there without me reading them, and the house is all cluttery. I’m having a hard time knowing what to tackle first. At times like this, it’s important to take a deep breath, and appreciate small things in the moment – things I’m loving right now.

Five Things I’m Lovin’ Right Now:

1) My new Lush (birthday gift from my fabulous sisters!) and new Om Naturale stuff (birthday gift to me from me!) – love the Lush shampoo bar (despite the fact that I found out it contains sodium laureth sulphate – they tout themselves as being so natural and homemade! Perhaps I am too naive) and the Om Naturale Fairy Cupcake Lip Balm.

2) This post on 1000 Awesome Things – I read it while eating a Twix bar. Candy RULES.

3) The Vampire Weekend show this past weekend – can those boys ever rock it out. And they’re so cute and polite, too! (Classic rock & roll shot courtesy of my hubby Joshua.)

4) A fabulous visit from Keaton’s Aunt Naomi and Uncle Tyler (Josh’s siblings) on Tuesday (and they’re coming over tonight, too! Yay!)

5) These Anthropologie boots – adorable, no? (As if I could ever afford them, but it’s fun to window shop.)

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