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Ready. Nesting.


The moses basket, ready and waiting for a new little body.

So, today’s my due date. There aren’t many times in one’s life that when someone asks you “when’s your due date?,” you can say, “today.” In my case, two times. Once with my son Keaton (who I went 11 days overdue with, by the way), and now this one. After this, for a variety of reasons, we’re done.

Given that Keaton’s entry into the world took a while, I really have no idea how long it’ll take with this one. My husband and I find ourselves in that unique time, on the precipice. I kinda feel like it’s almost Christmas, except that I don’t know exactly when Christmas is. But that’s okay. We’ve been keeping ourselves busy around here, but in a relaxed, easy pace sort of way.


The co-sleeper is set up and ready next to the bed…


The dresser drawer is full of baby girl-type clothes…


The soon-to-be big brother keeps himself occupied with puppet shows…


My awesome husband and soon-to-be father of two has been a blur, cleaning the house…


And today our kitchen was a Banana Bread Factory. 6 loaves. I do believe that’s the most baking I’ve ever done at one go. And it actually barely put a dent in all the brown bananas, frozen and waiting patiently in our freezer. In between baking, I also felt totally inspired to research literary agents and publishers to submit my latest manuscript. So I guess my that must be my version of nesting. That’s cool.

After all this getting-ready work, we had to get out of the house. We decided on a spontaneous drive to my hometown of Maple Ridge, where we popped in on my lovely sister, Chay, who’s also about to have a baby any day now!

So yes, I’m ready. Our little family is ready. Any time now, baby. Image


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